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Kaze no Stigma Episode 6: The Consequence of Power

Posted by Sigrid Morales at Tuesday, May 15, 2012
The Consequence of Power

Episode's Story:
Misao putting to her body the energy she sucked up from innocent people.
Misao acquire a new power from this "angel" she's referring to. Misao sucks up the energy of people to gain more energy to revenge to Kazuma. The Kannagi family wants to take some actions for this hundreds of happenings. Sousho-sama ordered Ayano to ask for the help of Kazuma, the only Fuujutsushi they can trust to as of the moment since the Fuuga clan has been gone. The Kannagi family, being enjutsushi, has no ability to track forces. Also with this, The Kannagi family found new research team for information they want to gather. They have now partnered with Detective Kirika Tachibana, the section chief of the special data unit of tokyo metropolitan police department. She was the blonde girl seen with Kazuma from the previous episode.

Ayano annoyed hearing Misao's speech.
Later on, Sousho-sama asked Kazuma to stop from helping solve the crime. It was the Oogami family who wants to resolve the crime since it was their family member who was doing the crime. They went to the whereabouts of Misao - at a church. Misao speaks that Ayano envies her for the attention she can get from Kazuma, pissing of Ayano and making the heiress of Kannagi family come to the place. Meanwhile, Kazuma arrives and end of the episode.

Episode's Review:
Misao such a poor girl. She wanted to have a revenge but gaining power through killings still scares her. At any cost she wanted to revenge to Kazuma. I wonder what's the past of Kazuma and Misao. And the "angel" Misao was referring too.. I think he's a guy but he wasn't revealed and introduced yet. Kirika on the other hand is another freak girl who would obviously wants Ayano to get jealous too. Hmm.. I just hope Kirika won't get a little bit bossy to both Kazuma and Ayano. For the meantime, a family is the best to resolve to the problem of their co-family member.

My Ratings for this Episode:
Story/Content: 90%
I love how they pisses of Ayano :) and that's how the funny part of the story goes - making Ayano act without logic. And the battle scene that's gonna happen next excites me...
Animation/Art: 90%
I love the drawings this time and the effects.
Music: 70-80%
Fairly Okay.
Character Development: 75-80%
Everything is still predictable. I just voted it high because Ayano gets pissed off most of the time.


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