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Kaze no Stigma Episode 2: Confrontation with the Past

Posted by Sigrid Morales at Monday, May 14, 2012
Confrontation with the Past

Episode's Story:

As the episode starts, Kazuma's past was revealed and seen as flashback.
Genma Kannagi, Kazuma's father, was sent to persuade Kazuma to surrender to the Kannagi family about the murder he had done. Genma failed to persuade him and instead just engaged a fight with Kazuma to try settle Kazuma's grudge into defeating Genma. Genma was impressive with his techniques and was nearly defeating Kazuma during their battle. He suddenly used his most powerful technique (I guess) - blue shinen, the Souen. Seeing this, Kazuma used his powerful technique too, using the wind spirits. It summoned spirits quite faster than the fire spirits of Genma resulting to Genma's defeat.
Ren Kannagi

Kazuma went back to his hotel where he's staying at and found Ren Kannagi waiting for him. He also came to persuade Kazuma to surrender or atleast explain his side to the Kannagi family about the wrong accusations they had on him. Ren also confirms whether Kazuma is a contractor, one who seals a contract with a Spirit Lord and receives blessings from the spirits who belong to that Spirit Lord. Kazuma denies it. It was revealed that the first Kannagi was indeed a contractor with the Fire Spirit.

As Kazuma was trying to let Ren sleep off to his place.
In the middle of a night, Kazuma with his brother Ren, received an attacked from a Fuujutsushi. Kazuma made an escaped with Ren and tried to hid his little brother during the fight with the Fuujutsushi. Ayano was also at the same place and was looking for Kazuma at the moment.

Episode's review:
The episode starts to clarify and add some information about the story. Yet it still become suspicious whether Kazuma is connected with all of this murder and attack going on and whether Kazuma has come back for some  reasons. I still wanted to see an action filled or atleast a comedy and romantic episode for this season. The fight involved in this episode was short and a predictable winning flow.

My Episode Rating:
Story/Content: 90%
Few and slow developments with the story but it is good that Kazuma and his father's past were revealed. Fights are shorter so full blown power might not be shown yet.
Animation/Art: 90%
Animation and Art for this episode is decent and I love those small circles showing up whenever they summon the spirits.
Music: 70%
Forgive me but I don't really think they quite integrate music with this.
Character Development: 80%
The whole episode was seemingly solely for Kazuma and with that I think Kazuma's character was not yet fully revealed nor developed. Other characters were not highlighted with this episode.


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