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Kaze no Stigma Episode 3: The Kannagi Head family

Posted by Sigrid Morales at Monday, May 14, 2012
The Kannagi Head Family

Episode's Story:
A two seemingly policewomen appeared and investigate the resulting damage because of the sudden attack to Kazuma and Ren last night. One of them guess that it was caused by a Fuujutsushi and not by someone who uses (enjutsu - flame art, chijutsu - earth art, suijutsu - water art).

Meanwhile, Kazuma went to the Kannagi Clan's place and talked to Sousho-sama about Ren's abduction. Ayano came and together with Kazuma, Sousho-sama explained to them the reason behind the attacks to the Kannagi family and Ren's abduction. Accusing Kazuma about the attacks were some mistake made. Kazuma was used to escape the idea that it was Fuuga Clan's doings. Fuuga Clan was doing their rebellion and is the one who abducted Ren.

The Fuuga Clan is having their rebellion to the Kannagi Family. They were once an underground organization having an immensed power. Because of this the two families fought each other 300 years ago and Kannagi family won it through sealing the Fuuga clan's source of power - the one their referring as their God, Master Youma. Fire crystallization was used to seal it and no one who touches it will burn. But a direct descendant will be an exception to this effect. This is the reason why Ren was abducted - to destroy the seal and be a sacrifice to Master Youma. The deeper much reason was to uplift the current situation of the Fuuga Clan as a servant of the Kannagi Family. They had been merely used as a tool for the Kannagi's dream. Fuuga Clan wants a revenge for this.

Ayano and Kazumi headed off to save Ren and defeat Master Youma.

Kazuma and Ayano joined forces to save Ren and defeat the Master Youma. They headed towards the west, Mt. Honokagutsuchi. Along their travel Ryuuya attacked the two.

Episode's Review:
At last Kazuma has been cleared from the accusations of the Kannagi family. It excites me to know that a fight between two clans and two different art-users will happen. And I'm sensing more events that Kazuma and Ayano would be teaming up. Again this episode was a dialogue and informative one. No actions so far that would satisfy me yet.

My Rating for this Episode:
Story/Content: 90%
Yup the story is good for me since a revelation was made once more and it's quite decent. Though it's not amusing at all.
Animation/Art: 90%
Nothing about animation has impressed me so far except for the art/drawing of the Kannagi's place :)
Music: 75%
Now I can remember some sound effects but I'm not really impressed. It's not strong one.
Character Development: 60-70%
I can't decide for this one. Everything has been flat except for the story development. Ayano, Kazuma and Sousho-sama's attitude were predictable and doesn't reveal anything yet.


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