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Kaze no Stigma Episode 4: Contractor

Posted by Sigrid Morales at Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Episode's Story:

By the way, Enraiha was the fiery sword used by Ayano.

Ayano was left alone fighting with Ryuuya while Kazuma goes first to the ritual place to save Ren. But Ren has already broken the seal of the Youma when he was controlled by the Fuuga clan. Ayano has unfortunately lost in her battle with Ryuuya resulting to Ryuuya catching up with Kazuma at the ritual place. Now the Youma, Gehou-sama, has completely removed from the seal and has combined with Ryuuya. The youma defeated the Fuuga Clan and head off to the Kannagi's place.

Kazuma is now in pursuit of the youma as it saves Ren and Ayano. He gaved Ayano an elixir to save her. The three combined forces to defeat the evil spirits spread off the place and youma itself. Kazuma has called for the help of the Wind Spirits. Kazuma's eyes turned to blue revealing himself as a contractor with the Wind Spirits. The blue eyes were mark left by the Wind Spirit to remind for the contract made.

With Kazuma's help, Ayano successfully delivered her final blow for the Youma.

Episode's Review:
This episode was plain except for I love how they shifted a bit their characters here. I have been more interested with Kazuma as a contractor now. I wonder if he's stronger than Ayano. I can't feel any power and rage from Ayano now. She still shows an average skill. And why is this episode become cheesy all of a sudden? Hahaha is Kazuma a real cousin of Ayano? I hope they're not so they can be couple here lol.

My Rating for this Episode:
Story/Content: 85%
Fairly okay. Fight was simple. Kazuma's advice and power was good.
Animation/Art: 85%
The animation during the battle lack some details and effects but I love the swirling air they portrayed.
Music: 75%
Fairly okay.
Character Development: 75%
Ayano, Kazuma and Ren has a bit shift of their characters in this episode. Ayano can be controlled sometimes. Kazuma is not as arrogant now. He can also give good advice and a bit cheesy lol. Ren is not as kiddy as I expected. He can be strong when he's serious lol.


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