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Kaze No Stigma Episode 1: Return of the Wind

Posted by Sigrid Morales at Monday, May 14, 2012
Return of the Wind

Ayano Kannagi
Episode's Story (It's not as detailed as you can imagine, just the most important ones are highlighted here.):

The first episode started with the very first appearance of Ayano Kannagi. She is the heiress/successor of the Kannagi Family. Kannagi Family as introduced, from this episode, specializes Enjutsu (Art of Flames). They are protected by the Fire Spirits that's why they can do well with fire. They are well known to be Enjutsushi (Flame-Arts user).

Sadly, one member of their family can't handle use fire. He was banished for this. He was introduced as Kannagi Kazuma. But he changed his name to Yagami Kazuya.

Kazumi Kannagi
Four years later, Kazuma/Kazuya returned as a good wielder of wind magic. Just the time he comes back, a series of murders to the Kannagi family has happened and a Fuujutsushi (using the Wind technique) is the culprit for this crime. Knowing Kazuya is now a skill master of the wind art and can only have the reason to be mad at the Kannagi Family, he was the one accused.

Well that's how it goes, Ayano, as the main heroine of the anime, comes after him and tries to bring him to their Otou-sama (head of the family) to explain things. But mighty Kazuma escapes ofcourse.

Other appearances in this episode:

  • Ren Kannagi - this sweet blonde little guy who's the cousin of Ayano and younger brother of Kazuma
  • Yukari and Nanase - the two best friends of Ayano

Episode's reviews:
Teehee I am so interested with anime like this - sword fighting with supernatural powers and enemies, a little bit of tension between who's the main heroine/hero, a little bit mysterious personality of the characters with an arrogant and not-so thinking girl (LOL), and of course a bit cheesy developing love story of a couple. Haha well I must say the introduction of this anime was good. It met my expectations and is making me watch the next episode. It's not much of an action episode but nevertheless a fairly okay one. Now loading the next episode :)

My rating for this episode:
Story/Content: 90% -
It's the typical introduction on the first episode but it has pulled my interest up :) probably because of the tension between the heiress and this banished family member relationship
Animation: 90%
I won't expect from it a lot since I know it is an older anime. It doesn't have yet any special effects on this episode either. So fairly above average.
Music: 70%
I haven't heard or even if there was, I'm not quite impressed as I wanted to have this sound effects that would add up to the drama or action the episode would have. Still rating is high as it's not needed yet so would accept that reason.
Character development: 70%
Fairly as it's just the start of the season. Only tension was introduced. :)



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