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Kaze no Stigma Episode 5: The One who discarded her hesitation

Posted by Sigrid Morales at Tuesday, May 15, 2012
The One who discarded her Hesitation

Episode's Story:
Oogami Misao
Kazuma was called to come to the Kannagi's place and have some talk. Oogami Misao was presented to him as his servant. Misao was revealed to be the sister of Takeya, one of the guys who was murdered by the Fuuga Clan. Misao attacks Kazuma wanting to revenge for his brother but failed and get grounded for her wrong actions.

Ren and Ayano looking for Kazuma
Meanwhile, while Ayano and her bestfriends were talking along the way, Kazuma appeared with Kirika. Kirikas was one of the policewoman who appeared on the last two episodes. Ayano was upset seeing Kazuma with another girl and tried to stalked Kazuma and even dragged Ren to come with her.

Misao throws fire at Kazuma
After a while, Ayano and Ren saw Kazuma and Misao meet. They followed the two as they witnessed Misao made some attacks to Kazuma. Kazuma just seems to dissolve whatever fire Misao tries to punch to him. He didn't do anything nor care whether Misao would want to keep on trying to kill him. Kazuma, Ayano, and Ren left Misao to the place after her failure. And suddenly an unknown person offered Misao a help to achieve her revenge.

The episode ended by seeing a woman getting eating by this mucus along a way. Misao was also seen talking with a blonded girl.

Episode's Review:
I guess the first 15 or 20minutes of this episode was more of a filler episode. It just shows characters with no significant presence except their small stories to tell. Though I appreciate the appearance of Kirika, the blonde hair; Misao, the sister of one of the slayed member of the Kannagi family who wants revenge over it; and the unknown person who appeared to Misao. I wonder who's gonna be on the hero's side and who's not among these three. And I wonder what's gonna be the comeback power of Misao.

My Rating for this Episode:
Story/Content: 90%
Story was fairly okay. It shows how Ayano is upset seeing Kazuma with another girl and seeing Kazuma in danger :) That's a bit predictable but what's suspicious and adds up to the tension is the appearance of this unknown person who seems to offer help to Misao with her revenge. It seems another bad guys are going to appear and harm our hero and heroine of this anime.
Animation/Art: 85%
Fairly okay. The mucus thing was a good idea :)
Music: 70%
Fairly okay.
Character Development: 75%
Everyone has a flat development in this episode. Everyone was predictable except for the new appearance of a new antagonist.



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